Guardianship and administration of the Shrine
Since the Sanctuary - Shrine was built due to the efforts of the Maronite Patriarch and the Apostolic Delegate, ownership and guardianship had to be in the hands and under the supervision of the Maronite and the Latin Churches. This was stipulated in the agreement registered in Bkerky on 18 January 1907.

Both guardians decided to entrust the service and the administration of the sanctuary of the Lady of Lebanon to the Association of Lebanese Missionaries. The general president at that time, Father Joseph MOUBARAK carried out the official handing over in the Papal Legation in 1908.

Since the Association of Lebanese Maronite Missionaries became in charge of the administration of the Sanctuary, it has undertaken several constructions after buying adjacent properties that made it a Lebanese and an international shrine.

When the visitors noticed the work and renovation carried out in the shrine and its surroundings, they realized the value of this religious project. The following was written on the sanctuary's register: "They excelled in what they renovated around your sacred sanctuary. Revive in our hearts the emotions worthy of your worship and restore the virtuous christian life in Lebanon, oh Mother of life and piety".

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