The Inauguration
After the completion of the Shrine, the inauguration was fixed on the first Sunday of May 1908. On that historical day, delegations started gathering from all parts of the world with their flags and fraternities. The public squares and the neighboring regions were crowded with people. At ten O'clock in the morning, the apostolic delegate Frediano GIANNINI began the religious ceremony by blessing the construction of the sanctuary and the statue.

Afterwards, his Beatitude the Patriarch celebrated the Pontifical Mass with the cooperation of some bishops and priests. Were present the governor of Mount Lebanon (represented by Izatlu Barbar El-KHAZEN), the brigadier of the Lebanese army, and other officials.

During the Mass, his Beatitude delivered an impressive sermon about the love of the Lebanese and their remarkable devotion to the Virgin Mary. Then, the celebration ended with a religious procession of the Lady of Lebanon's Icon in the square of the sanctuary, and his Beatitude announced that the annual anniversary of the Lady of Lebanon will be celebrated on the first Sunday of May.

Lady of Lebanon
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