Ahead of the visitors, spiritual and secular authorities, prominent figures and common people came by millions. Each shrine in the world has its own characteristics and the Harissa shrine has a familial characteristic. Since it was built, believing families crowded at the Virgin's feet with beating hearts and love gifts. How many marriages blessed by the Virgin became a source of well-being and blessings! How many children washed with baptism water enlightened their homes and were a source of joy! How many souls that came shedding tears of sadness and grief returned smiling and full of life! How many families that seeked her shelter attained success and salvation!

In the Sanctuary registers, one can read the most sincere and impressive testimonies. One look at the statue of the Virgin on top of this Enchanting hill inspires poets and genuine artists with the splendor of representation, subtleness of feeling, and delicacy of expression.

In their journeys and tours, tourists search for historical monuments and beauty. They feel in awe before the temple of Baalbeck, and monuments of Jbeil, Tyr, Sydon, and Beirut, and are enraptured in the Shadows of the Cedars. However, at the feet of the Lady of Lebanon in Harissa, they show reverence and worship purity and piety.


Lady of Lebanon
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